Calling Table Conversion


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HI All,

I am calling a table conversion from an interactive application. How can i wait for the table conversion to complete running, prompt a message before proceeding with the rest of the code?

Please help. Thanks

also I have a question, what output do we get when we run a table conversion.
I mean is it pdf or csv??or we don't get any output as such
hi pallavi1989,

The output will be data from a csv file to a customise table in jde. The output would then be displayed on a grid. Thanks
Hi Edward,

I think, this case will come under synchronous processing. May I know in which event you are calling this table conversion from Interactive application?
edwardkch24, you might look at using the logic to check the submitted jobs for when the job completes. Once you see it is done you can continue processing your code. However, problems we have run into with this are jobs getting stuck behind other jobs etc. so you would want a dedicated que to be sure this job runs immediately and it would have to be super fast. Not sure I would even suggest doing it interactive since I believe I have only done this for batch processes. Hope that idea and feedback is helpful.

Pallavi1989, No output with TC, but you can write to a file and then have that be interactive or used for report type feedback of the results.

Thanks for the idea and help. Will try it out.

Hi samiri85,

It would be called from Button Clicked event. Thanks

If you are using the report interconnect call in ER, then you just make sure the asynchronous tick box is NOT ticked