Calling R31410 as a subsystem job



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Hi List,

Has anyone done this here yet?
Is there a Base BSFN to wake up and write the F986113 record for this specific UBE for DOCO SRST or would I need to write one from scratch?

The aim is to get WO Attach Parts Lists Job to wake up automatically during WO creation.
As at the moment it's scheduled every 5 min. Sometimes it has WOs, other times it doesn't and we need it to fire more instantly

I know I can get P48013 to call R31410 but we have intermediate checks here before we call R31410
So P48013 creates WO at status 10
Custom code moves them to 15 if everything is ok

R31410 is currently scheduled to look for WOs at 15

I'll be making the process that moves them to 15 to call R31410 as a subsystem

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It looks like you will need to develop a custom BSFN with logic similar to B4200760 besides enabling subsytem processing for the version, Thanks

Developed a BSFN and cloned B3700270

However when I run this locally using ObjectBrowser BOTH my new BSFN and B3700270 fall over.

What am I missing here? Is F986113 just like F986110 in that I need to override the DS first?