E9.2 'Called Orch' does not identify the parameters passed to the 'Calling Orch' in


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Hi All,

I am hoping to get help on this

1. ORCH A calls ORCH B
2. The parameters passed to ORCH A is not recognized by ORCH B and it errors out
for eg. I am trying to pass a SuspDt as a parameter into ORCH A but ORCH B does not identify it - however it works when I assign a default value in ORCHB thou


it gives me this error when passing a date
"status": "ERROR",
"message": "C58_ORCH_OrchB_forOracle: java.lang.Exception: {\r\n \"message\" : \"[DATA_CONVERSION_NOT_VALID] Cannot convert value Not Passed to type String for required input SuspDt.\",\r\n \"exception\" : \"ConversionException\",\r\n \"timeStamp\" : \"2021-04-19T15:52:06.725-0500\"\r\n}",
"exception": "Exception",
"timeStamp": "2021-04-19T15:52:06.725-0500",
"userDefinedErrorText": ""

I am getting this error althou I am passing a value into OrchA - but it is not getting passed correctly (or not recognised in) to OrchB . Any help with this will be greatly appreciated
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Have you tried using a Connector to see if this fixes your issue? It's an extra object but when I have issues passing variables to child Orchestrations in the newer Studio, I create a connector and it usually solves it. I assume you've configured your transformations to pass the value in the the Orch B inputs? Also, when you run debug, is a the parameter populated before Orch B is called?