E9.2 Call Orchestration B from Orchestration A on TR


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I am trying to call Orchestration B from Orchestration A

Orchestration A returns multiple records - dataset1
Orchestration B iterates over dataset1 but needs parameters to be passed
when I try to run the Orchstration A - it shows a parameter jde__object with 'Use object for input' toggle switch enabled (to the right) but not able to change.

I need to pass parameters to Orchestration B.
What does jde__object mean and how am I expected to pass the parameters into this Orchestration.

We have started to use Orchestration extensively but apparently getting stuck in places like this and not a whole lot of documentation for these scenarios either. I have put in a request with Oracle as well. But thought will reach out to folks on this forum too - if anyone has worked on a scenario like this please advise on how to go about this. Thanks in advance.


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I was able to solve for the jde_object by declaring the right field names

However, here is the issue I am facing

TR allows one Orchestration to call another Orchestration - is there any documentation for this?

I tested it and this is what is happening

1. OrchestratioB works independently
2. OrchestrationA has a DataReq and also calls OrchestrationB
3. OrchestrationB does not identify the original parameters passed to OrchestrationA
(OrchestrationB only identifies parameters if they are fields returned from the DataReq)

Please let me know what I need to do so that the called OrchestrationB can identify the parameters passed to the calling OrchestraionA

This seems like a straightforward question. I am able to get the call working if I declare defualts instead of using the input parameters. But I am sure there is a way out of this. No documentation for this feature in Oracle "ORch calling another Orch' :( - Do we need any kind of connector to call another Orch from within one?

However I got this working by calling the Orchestration from a batch job instead (used Table fetch instead of Data Request)

Any help with how to get the Orch call another Orch will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance


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Looks like using a connector to call the 2nd Orchestration may be our best bet - haven't got a chance to try that out yet thou. I just wrote up a JDE batch to do the DREQ and called the orchestrator B from the batch.

However , Oracle came back with the below

There is a known issue in reported for this recently. - New DocumentE1: ORCH: Orchestration That Called From Another Orchestration Doesn't Receive The Orchestration Inputs From the First Orchestration - Running In Debug Mode Works. ( Doc ID 2769151.1 )