Call of JDE batch program


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We have out data stored on the AS/400 and are trying to input orders into the OneWorldXe system. Our process is on a NT server.

We have populated the F47011 and F47012 files.

Our next step is to call? a JDE procedure in OneWorldXe to process these transactions. This needs to be called from the AS/400 side.

Any suggestions on how to call the procedure(R47011?) or a version of this?



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I happen to be an expert on this (well as of about two days ago, thanks

in the library B7XXXSYS is the command RUNUBE. add that library to you jobd
and add that command to your cl, then prompt it to get your param's....all
in all it is pretty simple

good luck


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Re: RE: Call of JDE batch program

Great to have experts on the list.

What book do I look to get information on the runube command and cl?

Thanks I appreciate the quick help. Hopefully I can be of help to other some time.