E9.2 Call NER using Custom Groovy (Can't load libraries)



I'm currently using Tools Version
I need to call a NER using orchestrator but it's not directly available on my release. I'm trying to use a custom Groovy to call the NER just like BSSVs do.
But when I try to load the required libraries, I get an error, saying they don't exist. One example:
script16487432648851454783907.groovy: 4: unable to resolve class oracle.e1.bssvfoundation.services.IBSFNService
@ line 4, column 1.
import com.oracle.e1.bssvfoundation.services.IBSFNService;
How can I import those classes on a Orchestration using Groovy?

PS: I've also tried 'com.oracle.e1.bssvfoundation.services.IBSFNService'

Thank you!
Not sure of your exact situation or your tools release but you don't need to write custom Groovy to call a BSFN (NER or C).
No but it seems he wants to do so. It’s not really feasible or intended by Oracle and suggests to me that the design is wrong.

Change the design so that the NER is called before or after the GVY custom request.
Hi @plgbpedro2 for that cases i design a APPL to call the BSFN and then create a SREQ (Form Request) in orchestrator to call the APPL.