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Call ER event by programming


Hi Everybody,

I'm a new JDE user and I would like to know if it is possible to call an ER Rule by programming.
For example, when the user clicks on a button, it calls the event "Dialog is Initialized" of the current form.

I also would like to know if it is possible in a Fix/Inspect form to change the current record. I'm explaining : the user enter in the Fix/Inspect form with the employee nb 1. By clicking on a button next, I would like to see in the same form the information of employee nb2.

I hope it's clear enough.




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You can do this in AIS.

Depending on the event you could try and setting focus on a control and see what happens

As for you question, copy all the logic in the Dialog is Init to a new push button and just Press the push button :)


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Hi vmarako,

Not is posible call to event directly (and I know not in any other language, you have to provoke -manually or programmatically-).

For what you need there are a standar solution in, JDE fortunately for you. In call Form Interconnect check the option "Modeless", it open the form in a tab and enable autommatically previous and next buttons to navigate in rows searched previously in the Find/Browse Form.

I hope will be helpful.