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Calculation of on hand inventory in form W30200C

Hi All,

I setup the Commitment Control (in Manufacturing Constants) as 'Primary Location'.
I created one work order to parent item with 5.000 ea in the Quantity. JDE commitmented this quantity in this location.
On hand to item, I have 3.600 ea in the Second Location.
When I open the form Parts Availability - Multi Level Indented (W30200C) and I fill Requested Quantity field with 5.000 ea and I update the form W30200C the result is:

- Quantity Avaliable: -6.400 (negative).

My question is: How do I set up this form (W30200C) to JDE show me the quantity -1.400 in Quantity Avaliable field?


Active Member
If not yet figured it out, please check your Item availability definition using P41001......Quantity available is Quantity on hand minus Quantity Committed (P41202).