CafeOne page displaying another JDE form


What is the "proper" way to link to another JDE form using CafeOne? Is it to use the "Generic URL" product type in P952332 and the normal "parameterized URL" from the Tools menu of the JDE form? Or is there another method? Everyone shows how to link to a Google map but glosses over how to use JDE with JDE!

If I'm on the right track and I'm supposed to use the parameterized URL, can someone post an example of how that would work? When I try to construct the URL, I run into problems getting my data from the main form to construct the URL properly. Specifically, the pipe delimeter (the "|") is getting converted to "%7C". Further, I'm limited to just the fields in the header and don't have the fields in the QBE line available to me (but I understand that may just be a limitation).

I apologize in advance -- this is probably simple and obvious, but despite reading the Oracle documents, watching countless videos, following scores of user-produced "how to" guides, I can't find a single one that mentions how Oracle intended this to be accomplished.

Many thanks in advance!
You're out of luck. Back in those tools I did up a bit of hack with address book entry shown on the same page as address inquiry but it was a hack and things went pair shaped when it tried to display errors etc.

You'll need to update your tools to get that feature working.
Thanks... that's not the answer I was hoping for, but at least I know I can stop pounding my head against the wall.