Cafe1 page crashes in IE10


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Cafe1 (CafeOne) page crashes in IE10

I'm putting this problem and solution out there in case anyone else encounters this.

When attempting to create our first Cafe1 page (Composite Application Framework), it crashed IE10 every time we attempted to bring up the page. After much trial-and-error, we found that an IE10 add-on called Speckie was the culprit. Speckie is a spell checker. Something in it must be causing a conflict on the Cafe1 page.

We were first able to troubleshoot this problem by turning off ALL of the third party add-ons. On the Internet Options, Advanced tab, there's a box for "Enable Third Party Browser Extensions*"- we unchecked it, and the Cafe1 page stopped crashing.

But there was some concern this was a bit heavy-handed- we need some of those add-ons (adobe and what not). We then re-checked the box, went to the IE10 Tools/Manage Add-ons, started disabling them until all that was left was Speckie. The enable/disable for it was greyed out for me (maybe because it was an admin install in my company), so I had to go to control panel and uninstall the program. But you might be able to accomplish the same thing by opening up the speckie settings, on the spell check tab, uncheck the first two check boxes ("enable spell check in single line edit fields", and "enable spell check in multi-line edit fields"). If you uncheck these boxes, its kinda like turning it off without disabling/uninstalling it. The Cafe1 page doesn't crash.

Another thing- IE10 now comes with a spell checker of its own. The Speckie add for our company I believe was installed in a previous version of IE that didn't have a spell checker.

Could be that this problem was particular for my company, but if you encounter something similar to this, first try unchecking the "Enable Third Party Browser Extensions*" checkbox, and go from there.

Hope this helps.
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