Caching in JD Edwards Form Applications ?


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Just curious to know.... For every action (select,search) operation in an application (P4101 for ex) in JDE, Does the system caches the data or interacts directly with tables via business views? If caches means, how does it work? and how to clean up the cache?
The reason being, I tried directly deleting a few records in F4101 table, but even after deletion, I see the data available when I perform a search in P4101 application... However, when I try to delete the same from the application, it says record has already been deleted...
There are various caches, Web server, and enterprise server level.
Both are able to be cleared via the Server Manager, later release are much better at clearing themselves as appropriate.
Configuration of the web caches is done from there as well, or via INI files.
Configuration for the enterprise caches is done via E1 applications.

For your P4101/F4101 example: deleting rows directly (via SQL or similar) would leave them in the cache unitl they expire or are cleared. P4101 should automatically maintain the cache for F4101. Performing actions other than a select would bypass the cache.
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Thanks for your reply David.... I would like to know more on there a good link or documentation which you can share/recommend ?