Cache Problem / Form - Control - Event Rule creation sequence?


Dear List,

I am quite successful in adding records to the Cache.
The Objective is to retrieve the records from the
Cache and display it on the Grid of the Headerless
detail form. I want the records to be displayed
automatically from the Cache to the Grid when the
form is displayed (Initialised).

I am able to acheive this by having the Records
Retrieved and displayed on the Grid in the Changed
Exit/Inline of the First control on the Form. But I
would like to know the event rule to be trigged to
display the Records Automatically when the form is

MORE IMPORTANT is that i would like to know the
sequence in which the JDE Development tools creates
the FORM, CONTROL and the sequence of EVENT RULEs
getting fired.

Thanks and Regards
K.J.Anand Kumar

One World Xe, NT4