C BSFN Debugging Isssue


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I tried to debug a standard C Business function GETABDA7(Get Address Book Description A7) from JDE, but when ever i trying to debug the code the control is not going to my MS even i attach the active console process with MS . i am currently using MS VC++ 2010 with JDE 9.1.is there any addition settings has to be done with MS?.

A couple of things to check:

  • Did you build the business function locally on your fat client?

  • If so, make sure the c source file you have open in Visual Studio is from the environment folder to which you are logged in (if logged into DV910, make sure the open c file is from the \DV910\source\ folder).
  • Are you running your APPL/UBE from the fat client or local web client (Not the web server)?
Also your application or test function you are using should call or use this function else it wont breakpoint on this function.

I think you also need to build the BSFN in DEBUG mode. This allows the specs to be read by the debugger properly