E8.12 by using existing inventory items to form a new inventory item


Hi All professional ,

We have a new business need to repacking the inventory items to a new one.
But I have don't any idea what module should be use

The repacking will be involved some labour charge and existing inventory stock.

Is it okay to use the Work order / need to use manufaturing module ?

Many Thanks any your valuable input.

Mike Mackinnon

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Are you selling this item to a customer? Entering this item on a sales order?

You could use work order but if you did not want to get into that you could use a non-stock item for SO entry. But if you are doing something like transferring the item you could maybe a landed cost rule to inventory transfer with cost rules that point to a labour DMAAI account.

I guess it depends on what you're doing with the item...and how complicated you want to be.

Mike Mackinnon

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Just realized that you need a 'new' item I think I misread your question...sorry.

Yeah you may need to do a work order to create the new item unless you want to do some sort of inventory adjustments for the new item - negative for move item and positive for receipt item.