Business view from database view


I was given a SQL ( select statement with outter join, left join, right join on 7 table). I need to write a report and csv file base on all the column from this SQL . I found this ( ID 640352.1 ) from my oracle support.

It said that is possible by doing this
Create the database view TEST.FD55134
Grant all on TEST.FD55134 to public;
create E1 table with same name FD55134, save and close the table design Aid
now the E1 table is the database view
now you create E1 Business views on this E1 table. To further create reports..

My question is
What if I have to modify the database view after the report is created using this view ( through business view )? The change could be update / remove condition in the view .. or adding new column, join new table...etc Will my report still work without doing anything? or I need to re-create the report from ground zero? or????
As usual, we have DEV, TEST and PROD environment. As I can image, the database view and Grant should be run for all three enviornment like DEV.FD55134, TEST.FD55134 and PROD.FD55143. How about the business view and report? I don't think I have to worry about this right?


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The E1 Table Definition has to describe the table columns to JDE. If you change the DB View columns that the E1 Virtual Table is based on then yes, you need to reflect those changes in the E1 definition.
Changes to your DB View/Query such as adding or removing WHERE clauses are invisible to E1.
You can safely add new tables to your query, but that means you're adding new columns (right?) so you need to add those columns to your E1 Definition.
Deleting /renaming columns could have drastic effects on the downstream E1 objects depending on whether or not those columns have been used/referenced in E1. In any case you still need to update the E1 Table definition again.

FYI I've found it sometimes necessary to first create the definition in E1. Generate the table in the database. Drop the database table. Then create the database view/query.