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Business Units - using the same naming convention for business units across companies


We have just acquired two companies and would like to set them up with the same business units as our operating company. I've been told by consultant that each business unit must be different inside each company. For example, I would like to name the HR department BU 1010 in all of the companies. Is that possible?

When I attempt to create the BU1010 in the new company I do get a duplicate error warning.

I did set-up back in 2006, and I know things change, but it seems wrong that I can't have BU1010 in companies 10, 11 and 12.

Your advice is welcome and appreciated


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Hi there
Business units are held in table F0006 and the business unit is the primary index for this table. Therefore Business units must be globally unique, it is not possible to use same BU name across companies.

Some companies i worked with handle this by using the company number as prefix for the BU, example
Company 00010 could have business unit "BU10" defined as "00010BU10" and in company 00011 the BU would be "000110BU10" etc.



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Agree with Aarto. Prefixing the business unit with company ID makes life a lot easier with multiple companies using the the same chart of accounts. Reporting is also easier.


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You could also define numeric-only logic whereby the first two position define the Company and the last two positions define the Dept., such as "1010" for BU10 for HR Dept in Company 00010, 1110 for HR Dept in company 00011, etc. where the "10" identifies the HR Dept. Then for example 1015 might be Sales Dept, 1020 might be R&D, etc. This is easily explained throughout the organization and allows for growth.

Note-you could expand the string to be greater than 4 numeric positions if you determine the level and extent of planned future growth.


To complete the replies, take in account the automatic right adjustement in case of Excel's export. In the old previous versions, MCU was 12 digit right asjusted, if uou place only numeric values in the alphanumeric especially '0' , Excel will translate the value in numeric (trucnated the first '0'). So, you can begin the codification by a minimum a letter to avoid this troublesome problem.