Business Unit default


Dear List,

We have the following scenarios:
1) A single supplier number or customer number is used by multiple business units.
2) The said business units belong to the many companies within the group that are using a single JDE database.
3) The security business unit in the supplier and customer address book is defaulted to the hard-coded business unit 1 (one). The dummy business unit 1 is created with no object accounts assigned thereon.
4) Standard Invoice Entry P0411 or P03B2002 are used to capture supplier and customer invoices.
5) AAI items PC and RC have blank business units defined but have the same object accounts for trade creditor and trade debtor repectively.

P0411 is currently defaulting the business unit column in P0411 to the supplier address book security business unit if P0411's business unit was accidentally omitted by user. Hence the dummy business unit 1 above was used to reduce the number of posting to wrong business units should the omission occurred. Any journals created with business unit 1 will become journals in error subsequently. This allows for some kind of control.

We feel that P0411 and P03B2002 should have been programmed such that the business unit offsetting entries for trade creditor and debtor be referring to the G/L Distribution's business unit as entered by users. And not referring to the document header's business units. To achieve what we want, modification is required to the P0411 and P03B2002.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how best to implement the scenarios above?

Thanks and regards,