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E9.0 Business Service Response Size


Well Known Member
Hi Team ,

Want to know the Business Services response message maximum volume size . Please share your inputs.

Ex: I have a Business Service that extracts last 6 months information for a customer , So i want to understand the maximum size supported by BSSV response.
JD Edwards Application Release : E900
Tool Release : 8.98.33

Siva Kumar K
Hi Siva Kumar,
At last, the Business Service is nothing but a JAVA based WebService and it follows standards.
There are scenarios, we have extracted max size of 60MB data in an XML format upon each call within 7mins.
It depends on the Timeout settings set in WebLogic / WebSphere Server you use.

While testing the service using SOAPUI tool, we can change the Timeout setting for the service so that the connection live till you get complete response.