Business Object Reservations

John Long

We frequently see business object reservations based of P41026 and F4102. These do not clear out by themselves and we have to clear them out using P00095. From what we can tell, users are not shutting down incorrectly so as to leave these open. It mainly seems to happen on this one program and file. We would like to find the root cause. Has anybody got and idea as to what might be happening or how we can resolve it. While it might be possible to make UBE to clear this, I would rather try to fix the root cause.
May be you can try releasing the token in Cancel button.
The reservation code would be there in Initialize event of the form
Try going into P41026 and pull up an item/branch record to edit. Then check your P00095 to see if your record exists. Then exit correctly (clicking the Close "X" in the toolbar) and verify that the P00095 record goes away.
Next, go into P41026 again to edit a record and verify that the P00095 record exists. Now, just click the "X" in your browser to exit out INCORRECTLY. See if the P00095 record still exists. If so, that might be what your user(s) are doing, and if so, you need to educate them on the value of properly exiting the program. For the second test, assuming you're on a web client, check to see if your JAS server session still exists. If so, I'd wait for it to time out, and then check after that to see if the P00095 record gets cleaned up. Maybe the JAS session cleanup will remove the P00095 record (but I have my doubts).
Don, I tried this and the business object reservation goes in and out as expected. However, when a user makes a new part in F4102, the business object reservation appears to stay in place even though the user has exited out properly.