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I've been browsing for a good reference in OneWorld Business Function but still i haven't found one. I'm hoping that you can help me with this, this are the information i need:

Functionality (what it does)

Thanks in advance

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Hi Reymar,

This is my experience with the GH908/P98ABSFN Business Function Documentation Viewer in B7321.
In order to enable it, I had to:
1- Run GH9011/P98MOQUE Media Object Queues and setup the "BusinessFunctionDoc" Queue's path to something like "b7\PrintQueue"
2- Run GH908/R98ABSFN Generate BSFN Documentation (use Data Selection at your discretion)
The BSFN Viewer answers ALL your 3(current) questions.

Warm regards,

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Hi Adrian,
I followed your steps with unsuccessful results. First, I couldn't find
GH908 so I fast pathed to the application(and got to the UBE via BV). The
message I got was that IE couldn't link to the web page.
I didn't do Step1 as when I was in the App the BusinessFunctionDoc was
already setup to go to SERVERNAME\b733\PrintQueue.
When I ran the UBE R98ABSFN for a single business function as a test I got a
report listing the business function but apparently no other output.
What am I doing wrong? This seems like it would be a great tool to use if I
could get it to work.


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Hi Reymar,

1.) You can gain some information for master BSFNs from the on-line help:
OneWorld Explorer/Help/Contents/Tools, Technical and Foundation/Published APIs

2.) Have you seeked already the Knowledge Garden for BSFN documentations? If you found something then could be useful to download the docs for the latest release too. By my experiences BSFNs get better documented from release to release.

3.) Please, check out the ott-99-0222 "How to View Business Function Documentation" documentation from the Knowledge Garden. Maybe it could help to resolve the problem of the implementation of the HTML docs.

Read You Again,

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Re: RE: Business Function Documentation

You're not doing ANYthing wrong Bill!
You were just trying to view an .html file that wasn't there (yet), on your local PrintQueue directory; it got there only WHEN you ran the UBE (that is, the UBE copies the html file from the Deployment Server to your local b7\PrintQueue dir).
I would take a shot at it, and even try to open it directly. Then, if the .html file is there and you were able to view it, run the APPL again and let us know how is it working :)

You're welcome,
PS Look for Zoltan's reply, too :)

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