Business Function Causing Memory Violation for only few users


Hi All,

recently in my project few users started to raise tickets saying their custom report is running into error and logs says it went into memory violation for a BSFN. BSFN is also a custom all it does is calls a an UBE using launchubeex api..has like 50 lines of code only.

on same side few user including me are able to run the same report successfully without any errors.

looked through logs of both successful ans unsuccessful jobs and only difference is generated SQL statement. All PO, DS, RI remains same for both jobs.

Strange is unsuccessful job runs for records it needs to run till first report calls second report but when it comes back to first report to call third report then this memory violation error is showing up.

Any help in this regard is appreciated as i'm stuck with what else to look for.



  • R5530WR_NOV0001_174914_PDF - Working.txt
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  • R5530WR_NOV0001_174887_PDF - Not Working.txt
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