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Business Function Basics

I am new to writing business functions in C.
Can anyone tell me what is the exact definition of huser and hrequest.

till now what i got is hrequest is handle used to manipulate data with tables .
correct me if i am wrong.
tell me what is huser used for.

is dere any book to get such basic knowledge?


Legendary Poster
I believe that technically HUSER falls under the JDEBASE api since the API call(s) used to retrieve the handle is listed under the initialization section of the JDEBASE documentation. But really, it is more like a handle to the user's current JDE session and/or state since HUSER is a required parameter on a lot of JDE API calls in addition to JDEBASE (the jdeCache API as an example). You will find that most C BSFNs start with a call to retrieve the HUSER handle and end with a call to free the handle simply because most of what you want to do in a C BSFN will generally require this HUSER handle at some point even if you are not doing table I/O.