Business Fuctions on AS/400


Any one knows thats after creating the server package on AS/400 and compiling the business fuctions where it stores the Business Functions.


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Business functions (C code from Bxxx and Nxxx source) are compiled to
*MODULEs in the package library. Then a CRTSRVPGM runs and puts all those
modules into a *SRVPGM like CFIN in the same package library. When you
deploy this to a pathcode, the *SRVPGMs and *MODULEs are copied to the
pathcode (like PD7333). If you do a display on a *SRVPGM, you can see all
the modules and all the functions within all the modules.

A *SRVPGM is the same as a DLL on the PC.

AS400 V4R5, XE+XU1+35ESUs, SP16, NT-SQL7 for CO