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B7332 - SP13.3 on AS/400 V4R4 - CO on AS/400 - NT4

Anyone seen this before on a server jde.log after a full server build :-

8767 Sun Feb 18 15:02:48 2001 JDEKRNL_K/C/BUILDLL2553
BSFNAUT not found, AUTHORITY was not set

8767 Sun Feb 18 15:02:48 2001 JDEKRNL_K/C/BUILDLL956
CRTDUPOBJ failed with error message CPF2130

Everything else from the package build shows up clean but having deployed
package to the server, jobs do not run correctly. JDE still looking into
this after a week.

Any help appreciated,

Graham Jones
JDE Systems Manager
[email protected]
0151 653 1700 ext 1109

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