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Someone has had experience in the construction of the CD in order to load with the package? You have had of the problems? On which version you have made it?

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Hi Mizzi,

It seems to me that you missed the address. This is a DEVELOPERs Forum! Is it possible that you post your issue(s) to the both of XE Forums?

Although I am just a developer, I can tell you that our CNC guys used the Package Build tool with succes on XE SP13 and SP14. They had had sometimes problem with it but they always watch and search the Knowledge Garden for the possible problem and downloads and install the related ESUs/ASUs which correct the problem.

In my humble opinion, your issue is too general if you wanted to get some "How To" replies.
* Have you read the related documentations on your doc CD?
* Have you checked the Knowledge Garden for related informations (SARs, ESUs, White Papers, the thematic Knowledge Browser, etc.)?
* Have you tried the tool at least once?

Please, collect the recommended documentations and study them. Try to use the tool. Make a post on the Forum/List if you have any (a bit more concrete) problem, question about it.

At last please, post your technical issues on to the other XE Forum not to the XE Developer's Forum. Believe me, much more experienced technical girls and guys watch that Forum. Thanks!


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Hi Mizzi,

I will make my response to your question short as your post is on the developer list. (Developers please accept my apologies.)

I think you are asking about putting a full client package on a CD so that you can install fat client workstations without using the deployment server. Yes?

Basically, you build a package and deploy it to a staging directory on another windows machine. You then burn the CD from the staging machine. In order to make it fit on the CD you will need to use compression. I have used this technique on B7321 and B7331/B7332. I have not tried it on XE but it should work. The only problem might be that even compressed the package might exceed 650 MB and not fit on the CD.

You do this using "Multi-Tier" deployment. Search the Knowledge Garden on this and you should find documents to help you.


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