B8.9 BSSV Input VO receiving "Null" values from 3rd party System after Upgrade 8.98(JAX - RPC) To 9.1.5(JAX-WS).


Hi Team,

We are in a project of tools upgrading from 8.98(JAX-RPC) to TR 9.1.5(JAX-WS). We are having one issue with Business service receiving "Null" values from Third party system.
After system upgrade toTR 9.1.5(JAX-WS), Third party application tried to invoke AddressBookManager and tried to getAddressBook details by sending the request with entity(For ex: 104) But in JDE BSSV Input Valueobject receiving the "Null" value that is reason BSSV returns with Null pointer exception. Same request is working fine in JAX-RPC (8.98 TR) and in SOAP UI.
I have attached the one of custom BSSV wsdl, In have noticed in wsdl compare to previous jax-rpc wsdl, Dont see valueobjects attributs in wsdl.
Kindly help on this issue!!!!


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