BSSV Get and Change Current User


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Hi guys,

I have a public bssv, i need get current user logged (I could to call BSFN Get Audit Info, but is there other way to do it? with context or connection ? )

And I need change the user for transactions. I could manually assign the user in transactions or when call bsfn (if there are userId as input, because other bsfn get user internally) but it is very costs if there are a lot of transactions and bsfn. From same batch or application to do it i use a bsfn (BD3NSETU) that internaly copy userid input to SysPref with
jdeStrncpyTerminate(lpBhvrCom->SysPref.szUserName, lpDS->szUserId, DIM(lpBhvrCom->SysPref.szUserName));
It call to start and change the user for all transactions.
But in BSSV doesn't work.



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