BSSV customize web.xml in the generated war


I am looking for a smart way to customize (add lines) the web.xml that is generated during the packaging of the JDE Business Services WAR. I currently apply my mods by hand before the deployment to our Weblogic server, but I'd like to find a way so the web.xml package by jde already contains my lines. I am myself a java developper, but since this is the first time we use BSSV here and that JDE manage the whole WAR packaging itself, neither I or CNC guys are aware of a way to do this, and we couldn't find any oracle or third-party documentation for that.

I noticed that JDE seems to uses an ANT script (...E910\system\Classes\buildDeployBSSV\bssvWSExpress.xml) to package the war and that the web.xml file is generated by this script.

So I am asking, would it be a "clean" way to apply my changes, by adding directive to the ANT script? would it survive tool releases installation. Is there a more official way to do what I'd like to do? (based on the fact that bssv custom development isn't even supported by oracle, i'm afraid there no "official way"). Does any of you have other good idea?

Thanks for reading. Any comments are welcomed.