E9.2 BSSV - Converting Integer to Math Numeric

We are having an issue . Through our e-commerce website we are evoking the standard Sales Order BSSV for creating orders for configured parts . One of the input parameters inside the configuration tag is the segment number .The mnParentSegmentNumber , expects a math numeric value, we are passing a Integer value from our ecommerce website, but a NULL is getting passed . There is code inside the standard BSSV to do the data transformation if integer is passed in , but NULL gets passed inside the datastructure. So it never gets a chance to convert to a mathnumeric. We debugged the call from the website and it looks like the segment number as a integer is being passed , but the value drops off an converts to a NULL by the time it is used .
The same thing works ok if tested from SOAP UI

See the snippet of Log below. Why is this getting passed in as a NULL? we need it's integer value to come in and then for the code to convert it to a math numeric

ValueObject oracle.e1.bssv.J4200010.valueobject.InternalSOManageDeliverWrapperC2:

SzSegmentValue: 140

MnParentSegmentNumber: NULL


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Just to update so that this thread helps other folks in the future if you have the same issue, During the call to the BSSV there is a paramter "SegmentNumberSpecified" which needed to be passed as "1". Looks like for every mathnumeric field if you pass an integer field , you have pass a flag that the field was specifically passed in.