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Hi Friends,

I need call PLSQL procedure from BSSV (or BSSV call BSFN and it call PLSQL). I haven't found documentation about it. is possible?



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Sure. Since a BSSV is just a java object, it can connect to the Oracle database using JDBC and do whatever you like. You won't be using JDE security so you'll need to store the credentials and database info. Web Service Soft Coding (P954000) works well for that.



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Thanks craig_welton, I know how call PLSQL from JAVA but I wanted a standar process. The problem I had was lot time for CRUD operation, for example a select to F3460 with all primary key in bssv executed in 2 seconds, but in a database 0,002 seconds. I think it is because API in BSSV (and bssv in general) is "out of the box". For example, for 60 records the bssv was executed in 3 minutes, I got optimized to 1 minutes. I've doing the same logic in a BSFN, I call from BSSV and now the process is execute in 4 seconds for the same 60 records.