BSFN used to create the two additional pay item lines in F0411


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Below is the info on R04580 UBE that I am aware of:

The Calculate Withholding (R04580) report will process the posted voucher (eligible for withholding) as follows:

F0011: Updates the Batch Header Status from Posted to Approved/Pending.

* Updates the pay status on the original voucher pay item from % (percentage) to the value that is designated in the R04580 processing options.
* Creates two additional pay item lines associated with the same voucher i.e. one negative pay item for the withholding amount and other positive for the tax authority.

F0911: Creates an zero amount entry specific to the G/L Account number specified in the R04580 Processing Options.

Further, the unposted voucher batch need to be posted again which will update F0011, F0411, F0911 and F0902 to posted status for all the given records.

My Query: I need help in finding out all the BSFN (within R04580) which are responsible for creating the two additional pay item lines in the F0411 table.

I have had a look at B0400095 & B0400010 but am not able to locate the code which actually creates the two additional pay item lines in the F0411 table.

Thanks in advance for your help / guidance.



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To calculate the withholding for suppliers:

Go to Automatic Payment Processing (G0413) and choose Calculate Withholding (R04580).
When you calculate withholding, the system creates withholding records for existing vouchers. The Calculate Withholding (R04580) program is a batch process that selects voucher pay items, calculates withholding amounts, updates the pay status, creates two pay items and produces two reports.
Reminder: Be sure to enter a GL Offset for the withheld amount on the GL Offset tab of the processing options for Calculate Withholding you run of (R04580) "Calculate Withholding".
A corresponding PC AAI item must exist (e.g. PCWHLD) and the account must be valid.


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There is a BUG (10933937) and request to allow R04580 to use Tax Amount to calculate Tax Withholding.
I would like to know if anybody implement this request and/or have any related info to share for implement additional Tax Withholding.

Thanks to share your experience

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