BSFN missed


Good morning. I'm upgrading JDE E1 from 9.0 to 9.1. I've a custom report where a BSFN is used. This BSFN in 9.0 is BD3N0011 "dcLINK Retrieve Media Object Text String". In E1 version 9.1 this BSFN is suppressed. Which BSFN replaces the old BD3N0011 ? Thank you in advance. Paolo
Hi Paolo,

The dcLink routines used to be included in previous releases by default but no longer... you now need to licence it from DSI and install it as an ASU.

... now someone might suggest you just copy the function across from your E90 system and I'm sure that would work (although dcLink functions often require other dcLink functions to work), but that might be illegal.