Brazilian Localisation - ICMS/IPI rows on F0911 with subledger (using project budget)


Brazilian Localization - ICMS/IPI rows on F0911 with subledger (using project budget)


We are facing the following scenario: We are using the budget control in order to identify when the purchases has been reached the budget setup properly.

This control is working fine. However, we are having some discussions regarding the taxes (IPI and ICMS) - JD Edwards version 8.12
When we receive the order thru P4312/P4312BR and close the nota fiscal (Invoice) thru P76B900, the taxes IPI and ICMS are being accounted on F0911 with the same subledger as the original purchase order. On the other hand, the PIS/COFINS taxes are not.

In this case, the taxes PIS/COFINS are not consuming the budget correctly. We want to have the same behavior for ICMS/IPI.

We know that the JD Edwards treats differently these taxes technically. But, we would like to know if there is anyway
to have ICMS/IPI on F0911, but the lines without the subledger.
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