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Boomerang, et al - a thread of their own

Frosty the Coder

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First, I'm suggesting this topic get the attention is deserves on its own.

Second, how does this, and similar products account for diffs as far as service packs, one-ups, esu's?

If I'm writing code on my notebook, on the oldest version of demo jr erp 8 there is,
how does this safely work w/a site that IS current?

Not to seem clueless, but I am.





There's no such thing as "merge" in OW anymore: new version (in an ESU or Update) will overwrite the whole old one. Boomerang does the same.

Exporting a modified pre-Update program and importing it into post-Update system will revert any fixes delivered to this program in the Update.

The obvious solution is to use the same version.

If the mod to an object had been done after the original one was copied into system 55-59, this custom object can be installed on any system without affecting any fixes applied to the original object, but those fixes will, of course, be missing in the custom moded object. This is an issue, but it's easier to retrofit the fixes with Visual ER Compare on the target system than to develop the whole app.

Marlon Von Hagt