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Blurred Lines Between OW Forums


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Although I belong to both OW forums, I have noticed that the lines between "which forum to post to" has become quite blurred. There seems to be some cross-posting to both forums with same post, and topics that seem to be posted to the "wrong" list. I know that we split the lists up on purpose and they still serve that purpose for the most part, but maybe a reminder of "what should be posted where" (with regards to OW). To me, the "developer" forum should be for the obvious programmer-type questions (which applies to me as well) but technical questions (which also applies to me) seem to fall into a grey area. For example, when one has OMW questions, it may not be from the development standpoint at all, just some techie-weenie question related to an ESU or upgrade. Service Packs and ESU are a "daily post" and you will see that these are most of the ones that get posted in either or both forums. Anyone, any thoughts?/w3timages/icons/crazy.gif

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Hi Sannan,
I have also noticed the same that you.
I belong to the Developers List/Forum and read all post there. Although I don't belong to the other OW List, I regulary watch that Forum too but do not read all posts there just what could be interesting for me (or supposly I can help) based on the subject.
A good example could be for the mis-addressed issue, when I replied an "rtrim/ltrim ER coding" issue on the OneWorld XE Forum.

In my honest opinion, there are not so many mis-addressed issue, so they are not really annoying. For the sender will be a pain when her/his issue will un-replied there.

On the other hand, I can understand the Listers in many cases (not in all case) when they addresse their issue to both Forum because they hope and need an urgent help AND/OR the border is not clear where to address it (e.g. the lovely old issue "Changing Display Decimals"). I have also posted some (not too many) posts to the both Forum when I supposed, I can get help from both OR "Did You Know" type posts when I supposed, sharing the information could be useful for readers of both Forum/List.


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