Blind Submission From A Row Exit


Has anyone discovered a way to execute a blind-submission of a UBE from a row-exit button? I would like to avoid the 'Version Prompting' and 'Printer Selection' screens.

Any help is greatly appreciated...

Ed Moore

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Yes Ed, our Honourable Lister Wannes did.
Use the B91300C Launch Batch Application. I used, successfully, these parameters:
Launch Batch Application
"R55BCRPTMS" -> szReport
"XMFP01" -> szVersionJDE
"1" -> cSynch
"1" -> cPrintPreview
UNDEFINED -> szDataSourceOverride
UNDEFINED <- mnServerJobNumber
UNDEFINED <- cReturn
"<Zero>" -> cJDELogging
"<Zero>" -> cTracing
"<Zero>" -> cUBELoggingLevel
"<Blank>" -> szJobQueue
a) Use your szReport & szVersionJDE;
b) The cPrintPreview enabled (1) takes your Report output to Acrobat. <Zero> will skip it (to the printer directly).
c) The Logging flags are helpful in troubleshooting, if needed :)
Warm regards,
Adrian Chimirel

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