BLC Header


I am getting the following error when attempting to run a call to a business function for an application that we are interfacing with. I am trying to understand what the "Could not retrieve BLC Header" error means and also understand why the IPCMsgQueueFull is appearing as well. We are using JDE 9.1.5 with the DSI MEP 8.1 software which you may not be familiar with as it is a very proprietary mobile application platform.

1084/3260 WRK:XML CallObject Fri Apr 03 12:39:52.080000 NETQUEUE.C2530
Can't put msg on kernel queue (pid=672), OutStand Requests = 101

1084/3260 WRK:XML CallObject Fri Apr 03 12:39:52.080001 SpecCnvrt.c1923
METADATA - Failure to send message to metadata server. Message ID: 3559. Failed with eIPCMsgQueueFull

1084/3260 WRK:XML CallObject Fri Apr 03 12:39:52.080002 bsfninfo.cpp162
COB0000018 - Could not retrieve BLC Header for func dcLINKPurchaseOrderReceipts.
Did you look at the metadata kernel log? It looks like the metadata server is not responding.
You might want to consider shutting down services, truncating the serialized objects and restarting services. maybe there is an issue with a spec in the serialized object files. Also ensure you delete your runtimecache and GLBLTBL/DDDICT spec files off the enterprise server before restarting.