Blanket orders #of lines exceeding 99,999


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We've run into a little "problem" with our blanket orders. The #of lines field (PRNLIN) in our Purchase Order file (F43121) has reached 99,999. Most of these records are Landed Cost Records (less than 5000 are receiver records. When ever new records are added the system just plugs 99999 into the PRNLIN field.

The problem we are running into is when we try to do a voucher match against unvouchered receiver records. Since there are duplicate keys we get unpredictable results. The vouchers that are added to the F0411 file are fine, but when the JDE pgm does not flag the correct receiver record, therefore it keeps showing up on our reports are being unvouchered.

I've thought of adding a file information data structure to the pgm to capture the actual relative record # of each record and moving it to a hidden field in the subfile. Then using that to identify the record that needs to be updated.

But before I do that, are there any white papers on this? (I can't access the Knowledge Garden). Has anyone else had this problem and how did they resolve it? For right now, our users are having to remember to use a new p.o. #, but we don't want to rely on that.


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