Blank pages when UBE is run periodically


Hi List,

I want to launch a UBE every 5 minutes, so that we ensure the most
recent data will be performed directly. When there are no data to
process at the moment I run that UBE (like no orders with the right
status to print, etc.) I get two blank pages out of the system (first
page is blank, second page contains only 'No data selected' message). Is
there a way to avoid this output, respectively I don't want to generate
a PDF any more. The UBEs are started from a CL program on the AS400. We
use the AS400 scheduler to start the UBEs. Thanks in advance.

Jan Kaldewey
B733.2, AS400, WTS
[email protected]
Have you tried using the 'Stop Batch Processing' system function. Or there are a couple of BSFN's (at least in Xe) to stop batch processing as well - search for BSFN's beginning with 'Stop*'.

AS/400 V4R5 XE SP15

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