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Blank pages when UBE is run periodically


Hi List,

I want to launch a UBE every 5 minutes, so that we ensure the most
recent data will be performed directly. When there are no data to
process at the moment I run that UBE (like no orders with the right
status to print, etc.) I get two blank pages out of the system (first
page is blank, second page contains only 'No data selected' message). Is
there a way to avoid this output, respectively I don't want to generate
a PDF any more. The UBEs are started from a CL program on the AS400. We
use the AS400 scheduler to start the UBEs. Thanks in advance.

Jan Kaldewey
B733.2, AS400, WTS


Active Member
Have you tried using the 'Stop Batch Processing' system function. Or there are a couple of BSFN's (at least in Xe) to stop batch processing as well - search for BSFN's beginning with 'Stop*'.

AS/400 V4R5 XE SP15

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