BIP RTF Formatting Issue


I am using JDE 9.1 BIP functionality – RTF attached to report definition attached to a UBE version to produce a BIP formatted PDF. I am having a formatting problem. My RTF file has 2 tables—one with header fields and a second with repeating detail fields. The issue is the large space that appears between the header and detail in the PDF output (see attachment, red square). I have tried merging the tables (BIP error), also decreasing the size of the text between the two tables and neither seem to work. There is no paragraph spacing between the two tables or on the text between the two.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Hi, just erase the space between ..?> end. And make sure, that there is no space before or after paragraph... To eliminate the space I use font size 2 for commands like <?end template?> a.s.o.