BI Publisher: Time to print PDF Invoice output


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Im curious to know if anyone has experienced something similar.
When printing invoices generated with BI Publisher, PDF Output, it takes about 10 pages per minute. We have high volume of invoices just for one type of invoicing we have about 27000 pages!!
If you had this issue, how did you improve the performance of invoices generated with BI Publisher.


Not sure what Tools Release level you are on, but on 9.1.4 there is Embedded BI Publisher Server Load application. We just started using BIP and haven't investigated that part yet. From what I have briefly read is that you can define multiple servers and then JDE polls whether it's a small job or large job. Looks like a fair amount of CNC work to get this done.

Here is a note I snagged from Oracle:
• Scaling Across Servers
By adding some logic and a configuration application, we have enabled other E1 Enterprise
Server instances to use their BI Publisher Embedded kernels to pick up publishing load
from other E1 servers. It is possible to have an E1 server dedicated just to publishing under
this model. This allows much greater scalability across BI Publisher embedded installs.