BI Publisher Pulling Image Dynamically from network


E1 9.1 TR OS400 7.1 BSSV Weblogic

Switching Logo's on Invoices using Word 2010 BI Publisher. It goes out and gets the 1st logo but the rest of the invoice have the same logo as the 1st.
When I look at the XML it has the different URL logo for each Invoice. But it never uses them.
I appreciate any help you can send my way. Thanks

Using a Fat Client, Word2010, we are successfully pulling an image (.jpg) dynamically from a network shared folder:
.rtf built using Word2010
report variable: LOGOURL_ID165
dummy image alt text Title section: url:{//LOGOURL_ID165}
I set up the Bursting on the invoice and it did get the correct Logo.
The only thing this is a lot of invoice to release to print. Is there a way
to keep all the invoices in one PDF but still have the Invoices Logo change.
Hi Wanita,

Did you get solution for the above problem. can you share the solution if you have.
Search for the "BI Publisher logo retrieved from the server file directory and referenced in RTF" thread, where I offered a solution.