BI Publisher- Printer- Font Change


My Client used to print is checks on a Samsung printer in which the main printer was printing fine whereas the back up Samsung printer has some alignment issue- so they replaced the second Samsung printer with a new hp one. In fact they want to replace both with hp printers.

Now, I observed that the Samsung printer is printing the check properly whereas HP printer is not printing the check number and the company logo.

The primary reason for this the “FONT” setting of the HP printer is bigger than Samsung so there is no space for the report to print the check number and the logo.

I tried printing the same report on a normal Printer (Konica) the output is similar to that of Samsung- which means that the HP printer font is different from all other printers.

Questions for all the folks is how can I "Change The Font" of this HP printer to normal size or desirable size.

Thanks in Advance.