BI Publisher: Possible to use the email class as part of the bursting fonctionality?


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Hello List,

As I understand it, BI Publisher fetches the email address to send invoices etc based on the email address under the who's who (Line 0) for the address book record defined in the Bursting options in F95620. We have customers that have multiple emails for different purposes, ie invoice, statements, etc so I need to fetch a specific email address and want to use the Email Class (F01151.ECLASS) for this. Can I still use BI Publisher, or do I need to build the email functionality into the UBE instead?

Has anyone done this?



Tools release: 9.1.5
As per my understanding, this will not be feasible using bursting.
You need to build the email functionality in the UBE itself. Having said that, using emailing from report is not that straight forward.
You need to archive BIP output and then access the same for email.