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We are on E1 9.0, tools 8.98.42 and use the BI Publisher embedded in JDE for printing checks and other documents.

Today all of a sudden, a check job (R04572) produced no output. When you choose to view RD output, there is no row to view in Delivery Output and no output was printed to the printer. Viewing the logs on the enterprise server, a log for one of our XML Kernel's showed an error message. 'Unable to generate xmlp output. Return code 6'.

Past experience has shown that the particular XML kernel is somehow corrupt and needs to be ended. Then rerunning the job should use a different xml publisher kernel. We did this, we ended the particular process id that seemed to be 'bad', which left a zombie process in jde server manager when we also removed. Then since this was a check write job, the payment group was reset and we reran the check write step. This time the checks and check attachments were produced and printed correctly.

Great, the question is though what exactly happened that caused this. The only log entry seemed to be the 'Unable to generate xmlp output'. Any suggestions on what might be going on would be appreciated.

Abhishek Chhajer

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Are there any conditional logics inside template ?it will be worth to look at the template and xml.
Send the xml for both good and bad run


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I just posted a new topic here about a very similar thing. Are the circumstances of your problem when the check attempts to print a multi-page check? I think the max detail lines on R04572 is 10, and 11 will cause it to go to a 2nd page. The problem ended up being that we were using a 'number' function on the template to control whether a signature image would print. On multi-page checks, that variable that had the function was only on the last page. For some reason the template didn't like that, and simply didn't render. Like you mentioned, didn't throw any error in a debug log either. We had the problem on the 'number' function, but could be that any function could cause the error.

Another odd thing- it renders fine on a development client, but not on the server.

So maybe try searching your template for any functions. Remove the function logic and upload to a test environment, then run a check. What we found was that the 'number' function wasn't even necessary, and just left it off.


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Meant to reply. We did find and resolve the issue. It was that the table space SY900T was full. The DBAs found that this tablespace had a maximum size and it had been reached so no data could be written to the report definition table. Once the size was increased, the issue was resolved.