E9.2 BI Publisher Intermittent Communications Failure

James Monroe

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Good afternoon. Wanted to see if this rang a bell with anyone. We use the embedded BI Publisher in JDE to print checks. These checks automatically print as defined in the Report Definition delivery options. We are seeing periodically that a check batch will not print. Reviewing the Delivery info from Submitted jobs/View Report Definition, we will see ' Communication Failure' for those that did not print. When there is no Comm Failure, it says Submitted. If we do a Redeliver, it will then print.

We are on E1 9.2, tools One other note, our Enterprise Server is hosted by an offsite third party host service, the print server is on AWS. So it would seem that intermittently when JDE sends check output to the print server it cannot reach the print server and fails. JDE has processed 39 check batches since April 1, 3 have failed with the Comm Failure.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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In these kinds of intermittent printer comms failure scenarios I recommend a local print queue on the Enterprise Server (where the BIP kernel is running) which in turn points to the remote print queue/printer. You can then put monitoring on the local print queue, detect failures, alert, retry from local queue etc.

I tend to use local print queues on the enterprise server regardless of OS platform for all printers. Maybe it is my old way of thinking of things but I feel like print jobs submitted in good faith from JDE that don't error for other reasons should eventually make their way to the destination and a "system operator" should sort out/handle the intermittent failures from a system console versus demanding that the end-user reprint.

Of course, my approach isn't very good without monitoring/alerting and an active system operations team. The benefit of letting the user know that there has been a print failure is that they can use the JDE UI to reprint output be it standard PDF or BIP output.