BI Publisher Install for OneView reports


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Hi folks,

Playing around with the OneView feature in 9.2. Have a question about installing the BI server. Documentation says:

Select the appropriate installation type:

  • ”Simple Install” installs Oracle Business Intelligence components with the default settings on a single computer in the minimum number of steps. The Managed Server is not installed. This installation is targeted for demonstration, evaluation and proof of concept use cases.
  • ”Enterprise Install” installs Oracle Business Intelligence components that you select and associates them with the Middleware, Oracle data source, and WebLogic Server homes that you specify. The enterprise installation type creates a separate Managed Server, bi_server1, along with the Admin Server. You should also use this installation type if you have a previous version of BI Publisher installed.
    This installation type is recommended for a production environment.

Does anyone know if the "Enterprise Install" is required to integrate with E1? or can we go with "Simple Install"



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You can do either, but a Simple Install creates both BIP and the admin console on the same port if that matters to you.