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Bi Publisher email failure


Reputable Poster
We are on E1 and using the embedded BI publisher.

We are trying for the first time to set up the embedded JDE BI/XML publisher to email. What we are working toward is bursting then emailing ACH remittances. To test things out and to see how it works, I am trying to do a simple testing in DEV.

I have added in the BIP Burst/Deliver options on P95620 with a specific email address to use, mine. When we run the ACH remittance, it shows Communication Failure in the Output delivery details. Our jde.ini is set up with the correct outgoing email server and we are receiving emails like job completion emails from both production and development.

In the log on the enterprise server there are the following messages.

Fail to fetch Error Text 951S from Data Dictionary (951S does in fact exist though).
Unable to get email subject.
JDB_Fetch F95624 failed with rcode=0
Send email failed with return code 6.

Oracle has of yet to be of much help, so any thoughts would be appreciated.


Reputable Poster
Thanks, reviewing the document, and putting in a from email address as it suggested got rid of the first three messages, but it still fails.

Now the only error is..
Send email failed with return code 6


Reputable Poster
Email problem solved. The issue turned out to be missing Text in the data dictionary items 951S and 951T. These are error DD items for email subject and text. Once we populated the Text for these two items, emailing works.