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Silly me, I went looking for where the actual files are stored why a BI Publisher documented is generated. I didn't find them in the PrintQueue directory.

Are they really stored as a BLOB in F95630?

In order to save the output i have to Document 816003.1 E1: XMLP: How to Archive Report Definition Output Outside of EnterpriseOne.?
It's actually from F95631, that's the output repository.

Not really hidden, just not documented

EXTERNC XMLPCRTN(int) JDEWINAPI xmlpUncompress (BYTE** pDestination, ulong* uncompLength,
const BYTE* pSource, ulong sourceLength);

just pass the blob.lpValue and lSize as the last 2 parms. It will allocate the byte array and return the lengh in the first 2

jdeFree when done with the byte array

I've developed a java class that is able to extract source xml (F95630 and output (F95631) from the blob.
But you also can save output to a directory. The setting depends of your E1 TR.
I'm sorry but unfortunately no. I've created this java class for a connector that I'm selling and that is able to automatically archive ouput from jdedwards into an opensource EDM (Nuxeo) or inside a database.
i had a similar task to do and used java to read the blob for xml and wrote to a file. There is a IOUtils from Apache CommonIO utility and i used it. One thing that i had problems with was that the blob is in zipped state and i had to unzip it using InflaterInputStream class to unzip it first.