Best way to avoid conflict when assign unique number for DOCO in F4801


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Data in this table F4801 is being populated by two sources, E1 and a third party system. The 3rd party system will assign a value to the DOCO field (Can not change this) and E1 will assign a value to it too if they use an E1 app to create data for this table.

What's the best way to avoid conflict if the 3rd party system and E1 both assign the same number then one of them will fail. DOCO is a numeric number so I can't add something like a letter to make it unique to E1. Do you have any ideas?



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How is the 3rd party determining a DOCO? If it's finding the highest DOCO and adding 1, then modify the JDE WO MBF to check for dups and loop when getting the NN. If they both have their own NN scheme, both would need to do the check and loop. I'm guessing the 3rd party is not a JDE partner.



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How many DOCOs are you expecting?

A dirty way could be ensure your E1 system goes from the F0002 table as normal but the 3rd Party DOCOs start at something like 90000000?
You have a millions and millions of 3rd party WOs then with no chance of overlapping.

DOCO is 8 long

Only thing wrong with this could be any index/report that does descending DOCOs, but that too could be solved with LE 90000000


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Or just get the NN by using a BSSV and use that in your 3rd party system to increment F0002 for you.
If both systems increment it, it's not an issue


Do not assign a DOCO to feed them in but once you have fed them into E1 and F0002 has been updated, just feed them back out to your 3rd system so you know the DOCO
So use a reference field in the inbound data that ties the 2 together
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